The video games app industry in the UK has exploded with app creators like King.com who started the Candy Crush. The app has been downloaded over 500m+ worldwide and generates millions of pounds in revenue.

The App Development course is designed for those who wish to get into the exciting world of mobile games app development - focusing on creating the logic and art behind the games.

Learning is through home study with the support of a 24-hour student Intranet where you can stay in contact with tutors and other learners. Tutors are also available via the phone and email so you can discuss areas that require personal attention. This method of learning enables you to maintain your current job and earnings whilst working towards your new career goals.

The course is exclusively mobile development for gamers and will teach you unique skills, which only apply to games – such as design process, suitable tools and programming techniques.


  • Video Games App Developers create the code that forms the core of all games.
  • Video games developers can be involved with several different areas of game development such as producing the game engine, implementation of the game's rules and features known as game play, creating the AI such as planning, scripting and rule-based decisions.
  • Other areas include sound integration, networking components for multiplayer games, user interface production such as game options, and input processing for external hardware such as keyboards and control.

expected salaries for this role

Typical graduate salaries start at around £20,000, although this can vary considerably depending on the size of the employer and the sector in which you are working. Once established, a typical salary can range from £34,000 - £40,000.

The typical salary range for a senior applications developer is approximately £45,000 - £50,000.

Salaries vary according to the size of installation/application and the location and nature of the employer's business. The top-range salaries are mostly found in the finance and consultancy sectors based in London and the South East.

Contracting rates of pay are around double those of permanent staff.

Source: Prospects.ac.uk

Below are some of the modules applicants can expect to be covered during the length of the course.

  • Overview of the mobile industry
  • Mobile Device Considerations
  • Expanding an idea into a game
  • Organisation and Collaboration Tool
  • Phone Deployment
  • Creating 2D Art
  • Creating Complex 2D Art
  • Creating 3D Art
  • Programming Concepts and Unity
  • Advanced Unity in Engine Concepts, Physics, Game Logic and Networking
  • Understanding Rapid 2D and Windows 8
  • Creating Cross-Platform Apps
Q: When do the courses start?

There is a constant enrolment process - new courses are starting all the time and you may enrol at a time to suit you.

Q: Who will teach & instruct me?

Qualified & Experienced Course Tutors.

Q: What qualifications do I need to start studying the different courses?

A Course Advisor will initially assess each individual's ability and recommend which course is best suited.

Q: If I fail an exam?

Exam modules can be re-taken.

Q: What is the cost?

Courses start from as little as £15 per week. Subject to status, there are easy payment options that are interest free and allow you to repay your course fees over 24 or 36 months.


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Why Us ?

There has never been a better time to join the video games industry. It is now worth over £36bn globally per year - which is a bigger industry than both the movie and music business.

With the arrival of digital distribution, games now have a global opportunity via mobile, PC, tables and desktops. Five years ago it would taken a huge marketing budget and a team of 200 to bring a game to PlayStation or Xbox, but now it is also possible for a small team or even one programmer to launch a game and for it to become popular all over the world....



  • Since getting my diploma I got employment straight away.

  • My course is supported by the games industry that gave me the confidence to choose the course

  • The course gave me an awesome portfolio that got me the interview and then the job – thank you




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- Courses start from as little as £15/week.

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